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The Why

The formation of the East Asian Lawyers Organisation (EALO) goes to the core of diversity and inclusion (D&I).  The legal profession should reflect the society that it serves.  Some diversity indicators can be hidden, but race is not one of them.  D&I is topical in most organisations, not only because it is the right thing do, but because there is mounting evidence that having a diverse workforce translates to better staff engagement, happier clients and higher profits.

According to the Office for National Statistics, non-whites constitute 14% of the UK population.  Of these 7.5% are Asian, with the majority being those of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi heritage.  The term “East Asian” is being used loosely to distinguish the 2.25% of that population that falls under the category of “Chinese” and “Any other Asian background”.  East Asians are underrepresented in organisations, especially at senior levels.

The mission of EALO is two-fold:

  • To raise awareness of the lack of East Asians moving through the pipeline to senior positions, and to contribute to changing the current reality; and

  • To provide a platform/safe space for East Asians.


The How

The format of the meetings will depend on the topic for that month, and will range from having a keynote speaker or a panel, to having a workshop/small group session.  We will also be developing a mentorship programme.


The Who

EALO is open to anyone in the legal profession who identifies as East Asian, whether they are lawyers, support staff or students.  Allies and sponsors within and outside the legal sector are also welcome.


The When & Where

Meetings will take place on the second Monday of every month, at 6pm.  Venue will change on a rotational basis. Please send any queries to

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Join us!


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